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About Us

IT ResearchFinder is the leading platform for sourcing the best FREE IT research reports worldwide. Independent, objective and comprehensive, we cover all the important subject areas in the IT realm, including:

Let us help you navigate the rapidly-changing IT landscape with relevant research and reports from leading IT analysts and research houses worldwide. 

Our highly experienced analysts summarize and evaluate carefully selected IT research reports. Our analysts are fully independent of the publishers and base their evaluations solely on the merits of each report, looking at content, methodology and data quality. 

Research users: Find the reports you need

  • Easily identify and locate the research reports that are most relevant for you – including thousands of reports that are available at no cost
  • Use our search filters to quickly narrow your results to the most highly rated reports and latest publications, using keywords or by searching your area of interest
  • Check each report’s content quickly with our thorough and clearly written summaries
  • Immediately understand the strengths and weaknesses of each research report through our independent report evaluation
  • Follow our direct links to publishers’ download sites to obtain your desired report – most of which are available for free

Report publishers: Get the audience you’re aiming for

  • Make your expertise accessible to a wide, global audience of potential clients, many of whom work in leading positions 
  • Use ITResearchFinder to target your reports at business executives that are hard to contact through other marketing channels
  • Demonstrate the quality of your research content, methodology and data via ITResearchFinder’s independent and objective report evaluations
  • Expand your audience as our platform reaches thousands of report seekers every day
  • Submit your new reports to IT ResearchFinder to instantly attain the relevant audience for your latest research

We will publish your latest reports at no cost to you. Upload your reports for evaluation, or if you would like to discuss any aspect of the process please contact us here or at researchfinder(at)avescon.com.