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IT Research Finder Awards 2019

Best Free Reports on Artificial Intelligence

The IT Research Finder award jury has selected the following winning reports from hundreds of English-language reports that were published in 2019 on the topic of AI and are available at no cost to the general public.


Winning with AI by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and MIT Sloan

This year’s winner is the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and MIT Sloan with their collaborative report Winning with AI. The report – based on a survey of 2,500 executives and 17 expert interviews – outlines the success factors of organizations that are outstanding at implementing AI. With its careful empirical design, clear message and careful selection of case studies, this relatively short report the award jury regards the report as an outstanding example of how IT research can not only capture the mind of the reader but also be exciting and motivating. The careful selection of case studies complements this report well. (Download report)


Why Addressing Ethical Questions in AI will Benefit Organizations by Capgemini

The second-place report is “Why Addressing Ethical Questions in AI will Benefit Organizations” by Capgemini. The report is based on 1,580 interviews across 510 organizations in the US, UK, China, Germany and France. In the jury’s view the authors have done an excellent job of exploring and structuring the ethical questions surrounding AI. In addition, IT Research Finder highlights that the report offers concise recommendations that any organization can apply in order to navigate the ethics of AI. (Download report)


How AI can Enable a Sustainable Future by Microsoft and PwC UK

Sharing second place with Capgemini is a collaborative report from Microsoft and PwC UK, titled How AI can Enable a Sustainable Future. This research, which was commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by PwC UK, ascertains the economic impact of the application of AI to manage the environment across four sectors – agriculture, water, energy and transport. The jury praises the report for its sound economic models and careful prognostication, which build a data-driven foundation for its optimistic and responsible message. (Download report)


In this year’s evaluation of free AI reports, the jury saw several thorough research reports with full and free access available to a general audience, but the winning reports also provided a broader outlook. All of them contain clear messages on the benefits and risks of AI beyond pure business purposes, clearly taking into account the responsibilities of implementing AI for the society at large

IT Research Finder’s award jury distills three key messages from the winning reports: First, organizations must lay down a code of conduct to pinpoint and prevent ethical dilemmas in the use of AI. Second, for full positive impact AI has to act in connection with other advanced technologies like robotics, the Internet of Things, distributed energy resources, electric vehicles and others. Third, for a successful implementation of large and often risky AI, projects should focus on revenue growth rather than cost reduction. 


Rating Methodology:

The award jury selected the winning reports from hundreds of English-language reports that have been published in 2019 on the topic of AI and are available at no cost to the general public. The three members of the jury panel are independent IT analysts with decades of research experience, and they have no connection to the publishers of the reports. 

The awards are based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the research methodology and empirical data (30%)
  • Clear message and practical conclusions (20%)
  • Understandable, concise language (20%)
  • Innovative design and data visualization (20%)
  • Contribution to sustainable and ethical business practices (10%)