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IT Research Finder Awards 2019

Best Free Reports on Blockchain

The IT Research Finder award jury has selected the following winning reports from hundreds of English-language reports that were published in 2019 on the topic of Blockchain and are available at no cost to the general public.


Blockchain Revolution in Education and Lifelong Learning by IBM and Blockchain Research Institute

This year’s winner in the jury’s assessment is the IBM Institute for Business Value and the Blockchain Research Insitute with their joint report “Blockchain Revolution In Education And Lifelong Learning”. This is an in-depth but easy-to-read report about the application of blockchain technologies in the education sector, full of insightful data and accompanied by useful tables. The strength of this winning report is that it’s an exciting case study of a real life application of blockchain technology. The authors demonstrate how blockchain can benefit both individuals and a whole sector, and – in consequence – improve society. (Download report



Blockchain for Social Impact by Stanford Business School and Ripple Works

The second-place report is “Blockchain For Social Impact” by Stanford Business School in collaboration with Rippleworks. The report is based on an analysis of 193 organizations, initiatives and projects that use blockchain to enable social impact. In the jury’s view the authors have done an excellent job of exploring and quantifying the potential blockchain technology has to solve society’s problems across many different areas and sectors, like governance, democracy, energy, health, and many others, which makes it an excellent read. (Download Report). 


Building Value with Blockchain Technology by World Economic Forum and Accenture

Sharing second place with IBM/Standford is a report by the WEF titled Building Value with Blockchain Technology.This research, done in collaboration with Accenture is based on a global survey of 550 individuals across 13 industries and dozens in-depth interviews with CEOs and public sector leaders. The award jury praises the report for its great data regarding the advantanges of blockchain with a breakdown per industry and valuable recommendations for companies concerning the adoption of this technology. (Download report)


Leading reports stress the potential of blockchain for whole industries and the global citizenship

In this year’s evaluation of free blockchain reports, we the jury saw several thorough research reports with full and free access available to a general audience, but the winning reports also provided a broader outlook. All of them contain clear messages on the benefits and risks of blockchain beyond pure business purposes, showing concretely and based on quantitiative and qualitative data how blockchain is already changing lives and organizations.

 IT Research Finder’s award jury distills one key messages from all the winning reports: Blockchain technology is now being implemented across many countries and sectors. It is no longer a distant science-fiction story but a reality. Leaders have no other option than to get involved and implement their own projects.


Rating Methodology:

The award jury selected the winning reports from hundreds of English-language reports that have been published in 2019 on the topic of Blockchain and are available at no cost to the general public. The three members of the jury panel are independent IT analysts with decades of research experience, and they have no connection to the publishers of the reports. 

The awards are based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the research methodology and empirical data (30%)
  • Clear message and practical conclusions (20%)
  • Understandable, concise language (20%)
  • Innovative design and data visualization (20%)
  • Contribution to sustainable and ethical business practices (10%)