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IT Research Finder Awards 2019

Best Free Reports on Internet of Things

The IT Research Finder award jury has selected the following winning reports from hundreds of English-language reports that were published in 2019 on the topic of Internet of Things (IoT) and are available at no cost to the general public.


Taking New Steps in the Smart Home Market by EY

This year’s winner in the jury’s assessment is EY with their report “Taking New Steps in the Smart Home Market". This winning report gives a data-rich analysis of the quickly growing smart home segment in the digital space. The report is visually appealing and does an excellent job of exploring usage trends, provider and purchase preferences, and concerns and challenges. It shows convincingly how this market has matured into a true opportunity, as the prices of many products have come down and consumers are learning how much more convenient the home can become with the little digital helpers. (Download report



2019 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index by KPMG

Second place goes to “2019 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index” by KPMG. This report by KPMG grades the readiness of 25 different nations. The index uses data from a wide range of sources to determine a country’s autonomous vehicle (AV) readiness. In the jury’s view the report is an excellent piece of research that supports industry leaders and policy makers alike in mapping the required strategies and policies to become a leader in this emerging key technology space. Overall, readers are left with comprehensive and practical knowledge on developments in autonomous vehicles. (Download Report). 


IoT-Threat Landscape by F-Secure

Sharing second place is a report by F-Secure titled “IoT-Threat Landscape”. “Who would buy a smart home device if it could be turned into a wiretap?” the F-Secure report asks, and then it provides evidence that worst case scenarios could easily become a reality for smart home device shoppers. The award jury praises the report for its engaging language to describe the recent history of those IoT threats and that the research reaches data-driven conclusions with a host of effective technical and regulatory recommendations. (Download report)


Leading reports stress the potential of IoT, the smart home and smart vehicles, but also highlight the dark side of increasing vulnerability to cyber crime 

In this year’s evaluation of free Internet of Things reports, the jury saw that IoT technology has come of age and turned into real-life products for the home or on the road. Convenience but also better sustainability, energy savings and new services are all positive effects. But we all must be aware that these technologies increase the vulnerability of our societies manyfold.

IT Research Finder’s award jury distills one key message from all the winning reports: IoT technology is definitely the next big wave for the Internet. But society has only just started to think through the possible negative scenarios this technology can bring upon us. 

Rating Methodology:

The award jury selected the winning reports from hundreds of English-language reports that have been published in 2019 on the topic of Internet of Things (IoT) and are available at no cost to the general public. The three members of the jury panel are independent IT analysts with decades of research experience, and they have no connection to the publishers of the reports. 

The awards are based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the research methodology and empirical data (30%)
  • Clear message and practical conclusions (20%)
  • Understandable, concise language (20%)
  • Innovative design and data visualization (20%)
  • Contribution to sustainable and ethical business practices (10%)