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2019 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report

2019 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report

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Based on a Survey of 2,000+ U.S. Consumers


The report reveals that half of the customers buying at Amazon already started the product search on the online platform and outlines how they become a buyer.

The study is based on the buying habits of over 2,000 U.S. consumers who bought on the online platform over the past two years. 

The document shows that over 50% of consumers buy online at least once every few weeks and that nearly half of them visit Amazon several times a week, and over three-quarters visit the site at least every month. Amazon is the dominant E-Commerce platform for U.S. consumers, followed by Walmart.com and eBay. 

Online consumers expect to find the brands they are familiar with on Amazon and actively look for them on the E-Commerce platform. The document explains that most consumers use a computer to buy a product online while 26% prefer to use a smartphone. There is also increasing penetration of voice-activated devices and the Internet of the Things when it comes to purchasing.

Price is the main buying decision factor for online consumers on Amazon. The study points out that most of them pay attention to reviews before buying a product. The ads on Amazon tend to be useful to consumers who buy every day online. In addition, nearly 50% of them do not usually past the second page of search results - not to be undermined as a significant part of demand generation on Amazon comes from product advertising.

The report concludes with an overview of the study's main findings. It is key that retailers and brands need to implement measures to place Amazon market strategy at the heart of their eCommerce plans. 

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Over 1/3 of Consumers Buy Online Weekly or More Often

Consumer Loyalty to Amazon Is at an All-Time High

Amazon Is at the Center of E-Commerce

Marketplaces Outpace Retail and Brand Websites

More Than Half of Consumers Are Amazon Prime Members

Free Two-Day Shipping Is the Flagship Benefit of Amazon Prime

Prime Eligibility Informs Purchase Decisions for Majority of Consumers


While Mobile Is Growing, Desktop Is Still Dominant for Purchases


Younger Consumers and Prime Members Are More Likely to Own Voice-Activated Devices


Consumers Are Open to Experimenting With Voice Technology for Shopping


Nearly Half of Consumers Are Not Going Past the Second Page of Search Results


Price Remains the Most Significant Factor of Purchase Influence


Product Descriptions and Reviews Drive Consideration and Purchase Decisions


43% of Consumers Click on Amazon Ads From the Web; Google Is the Top Referrer


On Amazon, Over 1/3 of Consumers Have Clicked on a Product Ad


Amazon Ads Resonate Differently for High-Value Segments


Amazon’s Personalization Engine Drives Add-On Purchases


Consumers Actively Seek Brands They Know on Amazon


Consumers Are Satisfied With Amazon's Private Label Brands


Awareness of Amazon's Private Labels Is Growing


Counterfeit Products Are a Growing Concern


Holiday Events Shift Buying Behavior


Amazon Is the Most Popular Destination for Last-Minute Holiday Gifts


Amazon's Growing Product Selection Drives Broader Demand


As Amazon Experiences Become More Accessible, Consumers Are More Open to Exploring Them


Younger Consumers Are More Likely to Buy Groceries on Amazon


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2019 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report
Based on a Survey of 2,000+ U.S. Consumers
North America
March 19, 2019


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Survey of more than 2,000 U.S. consumers.

This report gives a comprehensive overview on the consumer behavior on Amazon.


  • Well-structured
  • Plenty of graphics to accompany the information
  • Easy to read and understandable language


  • Final conclusions could be a bit longer and more explanatory



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