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COVID-19 and China: New Challenges and Opportunities

COVID-19 and China: New Challenges and Opportunities

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This report about the COVID-19 outbreak in China explains that the pandemic is undermining the basic principles of globalization and as consequence companies with supply chains in several countries will reconsider their overseas strategy.

The coronavirus pandemic will lead to a new era of supply chain stability, the paper adds. According to the study, after the pandemic, more companies will start to rethink how to avoid risks, instead of desperately trying to lower down costs.

The paper also analyses the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the contactless economy in China. The demand for medical infrared thermal imagers has gone up significantly, as well as the demand for infrared temperature measurement chips.

The document takes a look at the semiconductor and fintech industry performance over the coronavirus crisis in China and notes that the latter has outperformed during the nearly three month period that began at the beginning of 2020.

Regarding the transformation in the healthcare sector, this was expected to happen anyway, the document says. Though COVID-19 has accelerated the move from traditional to digital, cyber and data-driven communication in China. The online healthcare market has been one of the big winners as it has added billions to the sector in just a few days. Deep-learning driven medical image analysis companies have also found a great opportunity to show their value. On the other hand, Chinese companies have also seen and seized the opportunity in diagnosing the coronavirus, which is as important as treating patients in order to curb the spread of the pandemic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic could lead to an increase in the market recognition of AI-based products and speed up the process for incumbents players in moving to the cloud, the research highlights.

The country's financial cloud service sector is still pretty fragmented but according to estimations, China's financial service cloud market could experience around 40% year-on-year growth.

The paper examines as well the impact on the education industry and notes that the impact on different retail channels varies significantly. The channels which can offer contactless delivery services are in a much better position during the coronavirus crisis.

Chinese consumers’ behavior has also changed in different ways during the pandemic and this has also offered opportunities for many new sectors, the study indicates.


Introduction and key highlights

Stock market and inflation

Industry breakdown

The economy

The contactless economy

The semiconductor sector 

Fintech and healthcare 

Education, retail & consumer industry

SaaS industry



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COVID-19 and China: New Challenges and Opportunities
Asia Pacific
April 15, 2020
EqualOcean , Equal Ocean
Yi Huicong


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This report about the COVID-19 outbreak in China is provides excellent insights in the repercussions of Corona across multiple sectors and industries


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