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Embracing the E-Commerce Revolution in Asia and the Pacific

Embracing the E-Commerce Revolution in Asia and the Pacific

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June 2018


This report on the online shopping revolution taking place in Asia and the Pacific explains the huge economic potential that E-Commerce entails. Though at the same time e-commerce development presents significant variations across the area.

The research notes that E-Commerce has improved the economic situation in many developing countries, offering these economies a chance to boost inclusiveness and enabling to narrow the rural-urban gap. 

The document presents a new framework to determine the level of e-commerce development. This framework takes a look at important aspects of E-Commerce development.

To start with, E-commerce viability directly depends on economic conditions, the study notes. In that respect, the report shows that Asia and the Pacific still lags behind in terms of the speed of broadband services. Meanwhile, secure internet servers are not always available - another parameter that falls short compared to the world average.

The analytical framework included in this study also takes a look at the legal framework. Unfortunately, the laws related to privacy, data protection, and consumer protection have not been developed yet in most of the region's countries.

Finally, social awareness is also relevant to the initial adoption phase for E-Commerce development. Shoppers in Asia and the Pacific often have a low level of knowledge of e-commerce benefits, computer literacy, as well as little trust in online vendors, and other logistics. All in all, this presents several challenges for the expansion of online shopping.

The report also studies the new technologies that are quickly developing and changing the digital world supporting e-commerce. On the other hand, developing a viable online shopping ecosystem requires a comprehensive approach by all stakeholders and players in e-commerce expansion. 

Finally, the study explores cross-border online shopping activities in Asia and the Pacific - projected to increase by 37% every year from 2014 to 2020. However, cross-border e-commerce could develop quicker if several barriers were removed, the document states.


E-commerce Evolution in Asia and the Pacific

Analytical Framework for Assessing E-commerce Development

Current Status and Challenges of E-commerce Development

Key Opportunities for Developing E-commerce

Lessons Learned and the Way Forward



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Embracing the E-Commerce Revolution in Asia and the Pacific
June 2018
Asia Pacific
June 1, 2018
Asian Development Bank


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Most of the quantitative data are from United Nations agencies such as the International Communication Union or ITU, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development or UNCTAD, the United Nations Development Program or UNDP, the Universal Postal Union (UPU), and the World Bank. Data on several indicators related to e-commerce were obtained from Euromonitor International. The qualitative data for this report involved newspaper articles, blogs, reports from consulting and market research companies, and policy documents from international developmental agencies.

Very comprehensive and long report on the state of E-Commerce in Asia and the Pacific.


  • Insightful information about how social acceptance and awareness is essential to the expansion of E-Commerce among businesses and consumers.

  • Great table: Technologies That Shape the E-commerce Landscape

  • Case studies of the impact of E-commerce on business productivity

  • Good use of tables to accompany text

  • Summarised sections after every main point

  • Well-structured, plenty of examples 


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