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Internet Trends 2018

Internet Trends 2018

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This report uses many data samples to illustrate business-related trends in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector.

This document focuses on various IoT topics in 2018. This paper focuses on various business-related trends in IoT, from data, research and development, and Internet monetization, to e-Commerce, e-learning, and employment. With regards to Internet users and Internet devices, growth continues to slow. At 3.6B global Internet users, more than half of the world’s population possess an Internet device. With this in mind, market growth is difficult in mainstream markets. For instance, there was 0% growth of new smartphone unit shipment in 2017. Nevertheless, Internet usage is growing. Internet Companies are providing affordable products and services based on user data. Moreover, positive trends in Internet user growth are associated with global innovation and competition, which are driving product improvements.

As products improve, Internet usage and monetization rise. Usability enhancements are results of user-generated data. This results in contentious privacy issues for businesses, regulators, and consumers. While Internet services and products improve, users are investing more time on their device, creating vast amounts of data. Consequently, regulators, organizations, and consumers want to ensure data is correctly used. However, IoT users, businesses and regulators have unique perspectives, needs, and responsibilities that are not fully understood.

The research also focuses on China’s market growth, comprehensive Internet platforms, services, and products. Notably, more Chinese businesses have grown into global technology leaders in the past five years.

IoT also impacts education and work. As work evolves, employers and employees seek new tools to ensure lifelong learning. E-learning platforms provide long-term career development for freelance workers, professionals, and students.

Graphs, tables, and figures illustrate trends in various business-related IoT topics. The diverse business-related trends in IoT range from data, research and development, and Internet monetization, to e-Commerce, e-learning, and employment.


Users and usage

Innovation, Competition, Regulation

E-Commerce and Advertising

Consumer Spending  and Work 

Data Collect and Use

Economic Growth Drivers                                                   

China (Provided by Hillhouse Capital)                                                 

Enterprise Software                                                  

USA Inc. + Immigration      



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Internet Trends 2018
May 15, 2018
Kleiner Perkins
Mary Meeker


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Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, Snapchat, Netflix, Paypal, Airbnb, Uber, IBM, Tencent, Alibaba, New York Times, Spotify, Sony Playstation Plus, Ebay, Instagram
Mary Meeker
The report compiles data from various sources, including government organizations, public and private businesses, and market analysis agencies. The data is also informed by public and private insights.

This is a comprehensive document that numerically, visually and anecdotally describes the trends in the business of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The report takes a global perspective on numerous IoT topics, including usage trends, advertising tools, and policy standards. This in-depth report uses numerous graphs, charts and tables to illustrate changes in the usage, users and services of IoT. There is a wide-range of sources, including quotes from industry leaders. Further, the report is well-organized and accessible for all readers. Overall, this paper provides ample useful information for businesses, leaders and organizations interested in IoT.


  • Insightful market trends, Internet uses and policies
  • Data from a wide range of source
  • Quotes/examples from world-leading technology companies and CEOs
  • Report highlights various business sectors, regulations and uses


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