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IT Industry Outlook 2019

IT Industry Outlook 2019

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An exploration of the forces shaping the information technology industry, its workforce, and its business models in the year ahead


This report documents various information technology trends that are driving the $5 trillion global IT industry based on a survey of 133,114 IT businesses from large firms to microbusinesses.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution or industry 4.0 suggests a new foundational digital infrastructure. This modern digital ecosystem includes three parts: cloud computing, edge computing, and 5G networking. Clouding computing is a data-sharing model that offers more flexible data management of IT systems. Edge computing supports the principal features of cloud computing by localizing data rather than centralized servers. 5G networks, simply, provide faster and reliable digital connections.

There will be giant shifts in IT infrastructure. These changes will be subtle. Similar to the digitization of mobile phones into smartphones, all objects will have the potential to collect, compute, and automate. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), network-connected devices also the Internet of Things (IoT) will automate mundane daily tasks. For instance, smart homes can lock the door when residents leave the house.

Distributed ledger technologies (DLT), such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the Tor browser, have yet to meet the hype. DLT emerged as a revolutionary technology that would disrupt traditional transactions, like its use in financial sectors. However, there is still time before we might see DLT dethroning conventional models.

Stackable technologies, such a LAMP, MEAN, and CISE, help enterprises organize business models, products, and services to meet a single objective. Technological advancements bolster efficient and robust stacking. For example, chatbots, mobile pay, and blockchain may help the financial business provide streamlined customer service.

Times have changed. IT provides a dual role as technical support and driving force of business objectives. From marketing to manufacturing, IT plays a major role in optimizing omnichannel experiences. Consequently, companies are hiring IT professionals. Every month there are on average 250k tech job postings that are posted in the US.



Cloud, 5G, and edge computing

The potential of IoT and AI

Scalable technology strains systems

Stackable technology optimize digital objectives

New business models

New levels of consumer customization

Collaboration leads to solutions

New solutions for consistent IT professional shortages

Workplaces and digital-human models

Tech workers forecast unintended digital consequences

Advanced tech and low tech

Global technology forums highlight innovation



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IT Industry Outlook 2019
An exploration of the forces shaping the information technology industry, its workforce, and its business models in the year ahead
Feb. 28, 2019


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5G, AI, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, CompTIA, edge computing, iot
This report surveyed the activity of 133,114 IT businesses with employees, from large firms to microbusinesses. This report includes IT enterprises involved in the business of technology (BoT), which is any company that resells, influences, or creates technology systems for customers. Thus the results of the report are based on an estimated total of 147,963 IT enterprises as of Q1 2018.

This report contains datasets and approachable articles with easy to understand explanations and enriching graphics.

Visual elements are easy to understand. The writing is clear and concise. Lastly, the research, findings, and insights are based on a comprehensive methodology.


  • Visually pleasing data graphs
  • Concise and clear writing
  • Broad data samples

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