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The Iot Security Landscape

The Iot Security Landscape

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Adoption And Harmonisation Of Security Solutions For The Internet Of Things


This report on the IoT security landscape explains that the potential of IoT will only be completely realized if cybersecurity and privacy are created by design.

A serious of risks around the IoT should be addressed and reduced. The paper points out that consumer privacy is under risk due to the vulnerability of smart devices as well as connectivity, and back-ends. On the other hand, the threat of large-scale cyberattacks coming from huge numbers of insecure smart devices puts the economy and key infrastructure in a vulnerable position too

The study highlights the close connection of IoT to the physical world which can make the impact of cyber-attacks more significant. Unlike traditional IT cyber-attacks that could end on data leakage and financial losses, IoT cyber-attacks can have a direct impact and harm on the physical world.

The research examines several important initiatives on IoT security which stress the industry cooperation addressing the challenges around IoT security. The issues are that advance in reaching a secure IoT has been not achieved the desired result so far, the paper says. 

The research reviews and classifies 11 interdependent IoT security challenges and offers insights recommendations. 
There are a few government-led global initiatives on IoT security mentioned in this document. However, the paper notes that there is no single set of IoT security and privacy principles nor a certification regime with international recognition.

The existence of so many IoT security initiatives shows the industry’s lack of collaboration in the field. At the same time, consumers and companies are not completely aware of the security risks that IoT could imply and are not ready for potential security threats.

Regarding IoT security standards, there are plenty of standards, the study indicates, though IoT security has not been standardized that much so far. Security standards are necessary to promote the implementation of secure IoT devices. There is a very high number of appropriate practices and standards, but sometimes it could be the case that manufacturers do not have enough expertise to use them.

As for regulation, the study highlights that a lack of legislation means that the adoption of security guidelines and best practices is not compulsory for smart device makers. The study also explores aspects regarding adopted cybersecurity evaluation and certification regimes for IoT devices.

On the other side, the study notes that the competitive advantage in the IoT sector puts the spotlight more on business factors such as time-to-market rather than secure-to-market. This should change so that a certain level of security and privacy is necessary before launching a new product into the market.


Executive Summary and Introduction

IoT, security, threats and vulnerabilities

IoT security challenges

Key initiatives and findings





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The Iot Security Landscape
Adoption And Harmonisation Of Security Solutions For The Internet Of Things
Sept. 15, 2019
Dr Mark van Staalduinen and Yash Joshi


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iot, security
5G, cloud computing, CSA, cyber security, global, hardware, iot, privacy, security, smart mobility, software
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Dr Mark van Staalduinen and Yash Joshi
This study is based on desk research and analysis focusing on publications from governments, standards development organisations, and industry, as well as scientific publications. Data was also collected from interactive sessions - workshops, panel discussions and International IoT Security Roundtables. Data was collected as well from consultations with experts and policymakers from various international organisations.

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