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"This is not the Remote Work We All Know and Love"


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In this new episode of the IT Research Finder, Hailley Griffis, Head of Public Relations at Buffer talks about the ins and outs of remote work with our analyst Elena Díaz. Buffer recently released the report “The 2020 State of Remote Work”, a 5-star-rated report that offers insights into remote working which is gaining ever more traction due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The study - which was conducted before the virus break-out -  reveals that the large majority of remote workers want to carry on working remotely for the rest of their careers or have the option to combine homework with  office-based work. But there remain hurdles that can make remote work difficult for some employees. Hailley  explains also why the home office during the pandemic is very much different from regular remote work and how our work life will change after the pandemic. 

Table of Content

00:50  – What are the main benefits mentioned by remote workers?

01:30  – The report shows that all remote workers interviewed want to continue working remotely for the rest of their careers. But, the research also found that a small minority of people don’t recommend remote work. What are the reasons for this?

03:15  – Lack of communication and collaboration, as well as loneliness, are the main challenges for remote workers. Why are companies struggling with this considering we have all the digital tools nowadays to increase cooperation between teams and employees?

05:00  – Is remote work here to stay? How do you see the evolution of remote work when the coronavirus crisis is over?

Hailley Griffis is the Head of Public Relations at Buffer, a social media management platform that helps innovative brands with planning, publishing, analytics, and engagement. She's been on the Buffer team for over 4 years and along with the rest of the team works entirely remotely. She's a co-host on a podcast about tech, travel, and books called MakeWorkWork. Originally from Canada, Hailley now lives in the United States in Virginia with her partner, two dogs, two cats, and various fish. When she's not on the internet, is an avid fiction reader, and spends a lot of time doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.