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June 2020
“The biggest global threat that the world is facing right now is failing to find a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19” 

Full Interview Emilio Granados Franco, Head of Global Risks and Geopolitical Agenda at the World Economic Forum, on the current global challenges including the coronavirus pandemic. Emilio Granados Franco is behind the reports ‘Global Risks Report 2020 and 'COVID-19 Risks Outlook’.

May 2020
“Developers agree that they have an obligation to safeguard ethics in AI”

Full Interview with Christina Voskoglou, Senior Director of Research at Slashdata, on important aspects around this emerging technology including the views of developers on ethics and AI, the gender gap in the sector, and other the key findings of the recently released 5-star-rated report “State Of The Developer Nation -18th edition”.

April 2020
"This is not the Remote Work We All Know and Love"

Full Interview with Hailley Griffis, Head of Public Relations at Buffer about the ins and outs of remote work and the key findings of the 5-star-rated report “The 2020 State of Remote Work” recently released by Buffer.

April 2020
"User Experience is Much Better with Edge Computing"

Full Interview with Diksha Nerurkar, Deputy Research Director at NASSCOM (India’s National Association of Software and Services Companies) on the advantages of edge-computing and further insights of the 5-star-rated report “Edge computing towards a more distributed future”, which is published by NASSCOM.

April 2020
"China, the US, South Korea, and Japan are leaders in 5G readiness"

Full Interview with Janette Stewart and Chris Nickerson, Principal and Consultant respectively at consulting and research firm Analysys Mason, and authors of the award-winning report ´Global race to 5G’.

April 2020
"The current offer of e-Government services does not sufficiently meet the demands of the public and especially of businesses”

Full Interview with Irem Kaynarca, Project Monitoring for the office of eGovernment Switzerland and project leader of the award-winning "National eGovernment Study 2019

April 2020
In only 10 years consumer participation in e-commerce almost doubled, reaching close to 60% in OECD countries

Podcast Interview with Jan Tscheke, Economist working at the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation and author of the award-winning report "Unpacking E-commerce". (more info)

March 2020
"Closing the mobile gender gap could boost GDP growth by an additional 700 billion"

Podcast Interview with Oliver Rowntree, Senior Insights Manager with the Connected Women team at the GSMA and author of the award-winning report "Connected Women - The Mobile Gender Gap Report 2019". (more info)

February  2020
"Using AI can really help us to boost the global economy, cut emissions and create jobs"

Podcast Interview with Ben Combes, co-founder for innovation and sustainability at PwC UK and author of the report "How artificial intelligence can enable a sustainable future." (more info)

February  2020
"Globally, customers feel that honesty is the best policy for earning customer trust"

Full Interview with Guntram Friede, Head of Marketing Switzerland, Salesforce

January 2020

Such an event 'could' happen any time – just like a major Earthquake hitting a city”

Full Interview with Trevor Maynard, Head of Innovation, Lloyds

October 2019

“We have noticed in the past 12 months, an exponential increase in cryptojacking attacks”

Full Interview with Zeina Zakhour, Global CTO - Atos Cybersecurity